Goodwall Delivers the Best Young Talent to You

Use our social career platform to recruit from a community of over a million students and young professionals. Promote your brand, see the best candidates, and recruit top talent.


Employer Branding

Tell your company story to potential candidates. Leverage in-app messages, chat, and live video sessions to highlight your company culture and exciting job opportunities.


Talent Diversity

Promote opportunities that will attract a broad spectrum of candidates from our pool of diverse candidates.


Targeted Sourcing

Target prequalified, high-achieving candidates based on proven skills and experiences that you want. We can even screen and deliver candidates so that you can save more time for the most promising candidates.


Vetted Candidate Portfolios

Connect with vetted candidates and view their profiles featuring photos, candidate video introductions, and descriptions of skills and achievements.

Hire highly qualified students and young professionals
with Goodwall’s all-in-one recruiting solution

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Don't Take Our Word For It

“Goodwall was able to refer me to numerous internship opportunities, and I am currently interning at one of them! I value Goodwall’s continued support and genuine, long-term commitment to facilitating connections, helping actualize goals, and clarifying the job application process.”

Daniel T.

Goodwall User

"I love the Goodwall app and plan on using it and referring others to it because I’ve already gotten interviews in New York for when I move there! You guys are great and I can’t thank you enough!”

Autumn C.

Goodwall User

“Goodwall is so important to me because it allows me to get my profile out there and it allows me to get my achievements out there. What keeps me coming back is the lovely community of supportive people.”

Mia R.

Goodwall User

“The app has allowed me to talk to people around the world, and I managed to connect with students in Jordan before I spent my year abroad there!”

Jodiana L.

Goodwall User

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